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Causes of War

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As the officer of Ministry of Defence, I would like to talk about the causes that may lead to a war. War is something that we can prevent if we collaborate with each other and understand them well. From what I have read from some researches, the war can be caused by various factors and situations. Sometimes, a war could be happening just because of a few small matters and misunderstanding between two people. One of the factors that may lead to a war is because of economic and social differences. This is due to different places have different economy and requires. For instance, between the North and the South of America, they started the war because of this reason as this disparity between the two set up a major difference in economic attitudes.
Besides, the conflicts of interest between men as what Sigmund Freud said also can cause a war by the use of violence. Muscular strength was soon supplemented and replaced by the use of tools: the winner was the one who had the better weapons or who used them more skilfully. This is because the final purpose of a fight is to be compelled to abandon his claim by the damaged inflicted to him. That purpose was most completely achieved if the victor’s violence eliminated his opponent permanently-that is to say, killed him. This had two advantages: he could not renew his opposition and his fate deterred others from following his example. On the other hand, the war started due to an instinct of hatred and destruction which were divided into 2 types; seek to preserve and unite, and seek to destroy and kill. These two types are in fact no more than a theoretical clarification of the universally familiar opposition.
Apart from that, enemy aggression may also cause such a war. For example, if we look trough World War I, the people assumed that the war is caused by this, atrocity stories, on both sides, which were soon made available to confirm this impression. Inevitably the victors would pin the blame for the war...


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