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´╗┐There are times that we are given difficult choices to consider which
tests our own ideals and principles in life . These decisions in turn
contribute to our own development . In the end , no matter what decisions
we take , we exhaust something from the experience which makes us better
individuals and helps us make the correct response if ever the same
problem occurs .
Looking at such experience , one incident that I consider to be
difficult was when the time I had to choose between doing a project that
is necessary for passing or just repeat it all over again . Looking at
the situation , I had been able to finish the paper two days before the
required submission . However , when I checked my computer again , I saw
that my computer crashed with a week 's hard work and research in it .
Then I started to panic , thinking about alternatives to solve the
situation . Seeing the need to make drastic steps , I said to myself that
I shall not repeat this course again because it 's not fair on my part .
That is when I started to plan out what I am about to do .
The first thing I did was to consult a friend and told him about my
situation and asked him for help to gather again the required resources .
Up to now , I thank him for that . In the meantime , I had given my broken
laptop to a technician hoping to get and retrieve as much data as I can .
While this process takes a while , I had spent in the whole day in the
library researching and remembering the data that I had used to conduct
the research . The next day , I went through the whole writing of the
paper , stopping only for breaks and meals . In addition , my friend tagged
along and gave me moral support and help in conducting research .
In the end , luckily I was able to submit the paper on time . Though not
really finesse and above my expectations , I was able to get over the
problem . My resilience and dedication to finish the job has helped me in
the process of...


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