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Renewable Energies

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he paper discusses the two alternatives of nuclear power and hybrid cars; both being economical enough to impact real change and be accepted into the energy spectrum. However, nuclear power has far more impact and has a proven track record. For example, the paper explains how nuclear power currently accounts for 20% of America's energy production and produces no carbon-dioxide. Hybrid cars, to this point, have only been able to reduce CO2 emissions by 50% and improve gas mileage by 2-3 mpg. This type of effect is simply on too small a scale to be economically viable or have an impact on the environment. The paper concludes that nuclear power, which is reemerging as a power source ready to expand, is the more viable option to reduce CO2 emissions.
"For years alternative energy sources have been a major controversy. The debate has influenced many other areas besides simply energy consumption. It has clearly impacted the economic, political, and social climates of countries around the world. Nuclear power and hybrid cars are two alternatives that have been economical enough to impact real change and be accepted into our energy spectrum. Both of these alternatives are environmentally conscious and are helping to reduce carbon-dioxide levels in the atmosphere; however, clearly one is of greater use in the fight against CO2. Nuclear power has and will continue to be the major clean fuel source in the US, despite the positive impact of hybrid automobiles."his paper attempts to analyze the economic situation of current oil resources, the principles of supply and demand and the need for alternate energy as emphasized by President Bush. The paper discusses how if we want global economic stability, the energy sector requires due attention. The rising demand for oil, its increasing prices and possible depletion of oil resources demand alternative energy sources. The paper contends that other countries should join the US in pushing for economic betterment of their countries...


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