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Example Is Better Than Precept

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Example is better than Precept

We are living in a practical world. This world demands us to be very precise about our approach towards life or else our success would be at stake. We could only have the right approach towards life, once we are certain about the destination we are heading for. This certainty can be achieved when we have an example upfront and a practical dimension to our goals in life. Then we are confident, exuberant and enthused enough to deal with any turmoil that might pop up down the road to our goals. But this motivation is only generated when we have an infrastructure of a practical example.

Every generation in mankind, has learnt from its ancestors. The tasks initiated by the ancestors are accomplished by the immediate generation and they are further enhanced and accomplished by the upcoming generations. This is the cycle of life. History reveals that only those tasks which were carried out by following a concrete example had always been successfully accomplished. Whereas those undertaken by uncertainty and mere perception, always faced discrepancies and failure.

Human brain is an excellent piece of art that is capable of making new innovations and finding solutions to complex problems. But it always gets inspirations from concrete examples spread all over the universe. It brought forward the concept of building airborne carriers getting inspired from birds. It created floating and immersing seaborne carriers by the techniques conceived by the sea life. The sea life and the birds are the examples that have been followed to invent all these mammoth carriers. All the scientific inventions we see around us are the blessing of the insight that man always got from this world, full of examples. Then advancements and developments follow, in order to improve the status of the prototypes.

It is never enough to explain concepts verbally or be precepts, examples are always necessary to completely describe a specific concept. For instance,...


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