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Achieving a College Education

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My dream has always been becoming a doctor. Going to college is a very important step in my life that would help me start involving in my career. Earning college credits is a very vital part in order to reach my goals. One of the most important things is my family. Knowing that my family is proud of me, by participating in the ‘’Achieving a College Education’’ program just fills my heart, giving me encouragement and hunger in achieving my goal.
The Achieving a College Education program would give me, an early head start, giving me a step closer to my career. The sooner I start getting involved, the better chance of me reaching my dream. As the youngest of my family, I witness the struggle my brother went through reaching his dream. If my brother could have done something different this is one of the first things he would do. Now I learned from him, this is one of the many reasons the “Achieving a College Education” program cannot be disregarded.
As my experience in high school, I understand it is very important to earn a good quantity of credits. Looking back in my sisters situation, gives me a great lesson. Unfortunately my sister was not able to graduate from high school, due to lack of credits. At this point in time I thank God for giving me the strength of working hard to earn my credits. I will continue to do the same effort; I would give my best in this opportunity of earning college credits.
Back in 1976 my parents came to the United States of America looking for a place to give us a better opportunity. Participating in this program tells my parents they made a great choice. As for me, I would feel satisfied with myself showing my family that their entire struggle became worth it. The best out of all this is our feelings, feelings that would never have a price like this opportunity. I would like this opportunity; it is what I have been waiting for.
There may be various ways in which the ‘’Achieving a College Education’’ program would help me, achieve my...


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