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A Painted House

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1)   I find that those who live a happy and healthy life are the wealthiest among us. The Chandler family fit well into that category. The Chandlers have a comfortable home and plenty of food to eat. They own a truck, a radio and a form of air conditioning amongst other luxuries not granted to all in Black Oak. The Chandlers also own a little land as well as their residence. “After thirty years of backbreaking labor, they had managed to purchase from Mr. Vogel the house and the three acres surrounding it.” (Pg 25) This family does not own the land they farm on and they are also in farming debt for bad crops, low profit etc. In this way they can be portrayed as poor. However what the Chandlers do not have in material items they make up for with love for one another and charity as well as good will towards other people. The Chandlers were also rich in faith. “The Lord didn’t intend for His people to worry, Gran always said…” (Pg 98) They helped everyone they could and are content in life, enjoying the blessings they have.

2) They Chandler house is painted through everyone working together. The job was started by Trot and aided by Tally. “At the end of an aisle, I turned and came face-to-face with Tally and Trot. She was holding a gallon of white paint. Trot was holding a quart.” (Pg 356) When they could work no more and left the farm the job was passed on to Luke. He than realized what a large job it was and invited the Mexicans to “play” along. The Mexicans being the diligent workers they are, made the most progress. “They attacked the unpainted house with a vengeance.” (Pg 394) Once the Mexicans were sent to a new farm, Luke again set out to tackle the job of finishing the painting. He was helped by his father and Mr. Latcher after the Latchers had been rescued from their home and brought to live on the Chandler farm.   Each group who had lived on the Chandler farm had contributed in someway to the completion of this project. I do believe that Pappy will finish...


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