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People say that they dont belive in gods and other things like cyclopes. But to tell you the truth all of the legonds people say "Ya Right", to are  

actually true and here I am going to give u proof.See it was a long time ago in the great greeks where everyone belived in gods.My name is

sparrow and I live in ancent Rome there was cracks on the street and the great ocean well thats what I thought acually.i had two friends but I

could never remeber there names and i lived with my grandma and my grandpa.I dont know what happned to my perents because they said it

was a secret.

    After years go on the city started to change and thatas because the gods, well thats what my grandpa said. See every day my grandpa talks

about made up storys I thought and one really took my attention.he talked about the story of a new god and about how he was rasied by

humans it went like this:"it was a huge storm by zeus because he was very mad, you see his little boy got sent down to earth where he shouldnt

be, because of hades stole him and took all of his powers",he said in a jumpy voice. " So e grew up with some old people and it is said that

same storm will happen again to take back the gods son." he spoke in grave sadness. 3 mothhs passed i grew to not belive the gods more and    

more until the day happend.


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