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Lifes Favors

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Life’s Favors
What does it mean to grow up?   As a person looks back on growing they think of fun times, but when they actually do grow up, they wish it never happened.   It not only means getting older, but taking on more responsibilities.   Most of the time growing up is getting older and learning new things.   It means an individual will have a bit more sense and actually think about things before you do them.   Young children will throw tantrums and act out, but as they get older they will not do those things, all because they are that much more mature.   In many literary situations, the author will have a character encounter growth by putting them in odd predicaments.   In Irene Hunt’s, The Lottery Rose the main character Georgie uses a rosebush to help him overcome life situations, and forget about the past; though in Eugene Colliers “Marigolds” the marigolds help Lizabeth transition into a woman.  

The flowers became important to Georgie because at a point they were the only thing he loved.   He felt like without the rose bush he would not survive.   “If you won’t let me, I won’t plant it anywhere. Then it will die. And after that I will die,” he said (48).   These roses are obviously a very important part of his life.   When Georgie won the rose bush he said, “The best prize in the world,” because winning the bush gave him a little more hope, and made him feel that he was not just a failure (23).  
The rose bush was a good source of support in Georgie’s life, because it provided the feeling of protection.   On the other hand the marigolds gave Lizibeth bad thoughts and made her perform childish acts.   In “Marigolds”, the flowers first became important because Lizibeth felt that the marigolds did not belong in the horrible place she lived in.   The marigolds put memories in Lizibeth about the past.   It is one of the things she never forgot.   “ I remember, another incongruency of memory- a brilliant splash of sunny yellow against the dust- Miss Lottie’s...


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