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Sliding open the balcony door and breathing in the ocean’s morning air.   Tasting the salt on my tongue and seeing the sun just over to my right.   Multiple colors of orange, pinks, and reds, slowly fill the sky.   It looks as if night is fading away and everything around me is slowly fading back into color. I look around and grasp my very first look at a beach.   I notice the abandoned volley ball net along with beach balls, surf boards, tables with really big umbrellas, and a few hammocks between palm trees.   I close my eyes smelling the tropical scents of fruits.   I feel the ocean breeze going through my hair as I take a step out into the sand.   The sand is cool and soft between my toes and under my feet.   I stand there looking at every detail, grasping every color I see slowly coming to life.
I go back inside the resort room and get ready for the day.   I wear my white dress with a navy blue sash around the waist with some ballerina flats as shoes.   I semi-curl my hair to make it look like a messy tousled bed head look and add a navy blue head band with a white flower to my hair.   I decide to take my bag that was white with navy blue stripes.   I pack a towel, spray on sun screen, my itouch, and my sister’s iphone that she left me to use.   I grab the room key and walk out the door.  
I walk out into the lobby and see two parrots.   One parrot is a deep red with dark blue feathers and the another parrot is yellow and blue with little hints of green around the eyes.   There are some people by the concierge desk hanging around waiting for the valet to get their cars or for the other people they came with.   I walk around a bit before I head out into the pool area.   Newly wedded couples are sitting at the bar in the pool ordering pina coladas and other fruity alcoholic drinks. Parents with their kids that have   water wings and small life jackets to protect them from drowning.   I make my way through the crowded area and walk toward the beach.   I take off my shoes and...


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