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The Giant Panda

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The Giant Panda kingdom is the animalia, their family is the ursdae, and the class

is the mammalia. Their order is the carnivora, the genus is the ailuropoda, their species

is the ailuropoda melanduca and the phylum is the vertebra. The Giant Panda is in the

raccoon family.

Giant Panda diet is bamboo. They have a very big appetite for bamboo. They can eat

up to 40lbs of bamboo a day. They are skilled tree climbers. The length of a Giant

Panda is 5ft with a 6in tail. The height is 29.5in at their shoulders. The males weight

around 250lb and the females weight around 220lb. They can live up to 20 years.

One of the reasons the Giant Panda is endangered is that the human population

is increasing and is taking over their habitats. When the humans take over their

habitats they cut down the bamboo forests to make room for houses. This takes away

their food supplies and without food they will starve and die out. Another reason is

poaching. Hunters hunt them for their pelt and for their meat. Today there are 1,590

Giant Pandas left in the wild and about 239 Giant Pandas in zoos, reserves, and


I think some of the ways to protect the Giant Pandas from being extinct is to have

China set aside land as reserves so that the Giant Pandas habitat is not touched. This

will make sure that they will have a steady food supply and will not starve. Another way

to ensure the Giant Pandas survival is public awareness of the gentle creature. I will tell

the world that we encourage poaching by wanting the Giant Pandas fur. So we should

not want the fur so the poaching will stop.


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