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Ano Ang Kapaligirang Pangkasaysayan Ng Pabula?

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Food Management And Service
Fourth Year

Direction: From the four options in each item , choose   one which will answer each of the statements or   questions. Encircle only the letter of the correct answer.

1. The Food Service industry has prospered because many people
a. eat their meals outside the home
b. have no time left for cooking
c. have higher income rates
d. like to eat luxuriously
2. Packing meals in Styrofoam containers shows which trend in the food service industry ?
a. use of disposable wares
b. use of new equipment and method of cooking
c. higher cost and increased need for higher productivity
d. development of specialized and standardized menu
3. The ff. except one are some reasons for the growth of the food service industry. Which is the exception?
a. growth in population
b. laziness of people to cook
c. industrialization of rural areas
d. increase in number of working women
4. Which of the following types of service is comparable to that of a good home ?
a. buffet b. counter c. hospital d. table
5. Disposable income refers to:____________
a. expenditures c. Take-Home pay
b. gross income d. tax and insurance
6. Which of the following personnel is under the supervision of the sanitation supervisor?
a. baker b. Checker c. Waiter d. Dishwasher
7. Under which department does the counter server belong ?
a. Management b. Production c. Sales d. sanitation
8. All of the Following have influenced the growth of the food service industry except________
a. Population Growth c. Increase in the number of working women
      b. Establishment of Big buildings d. Increase in disposable income
9. A product may be distributed widely by licensed retail dealers through a system called_________
a. Concession b. Contract c. Franchise d. Retail
10. Which of the following elements refers to kitchen design?
a. Accessories and decorations c. size and location
b. Sanitation and beautification d. size, shape...


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