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How I've Changed

I have matured over the years but still stayed "me". I think a lot of things have played a part in it. I'm totally myself and believe everyone else should be too and no-one should ever change for anyone just to make them happy. You only get one life remember so live it the way you want to remember it. I'm happy with the way i have lived my life and am still living my life even though i have made regrets along the way. I'm extremely greatful to have the life i have and to have the people that are surrounding me, in my life. I had an unforgettable childhood and i can remember it so clearly as if it was just yesterday that i was a "little tot".
I remember being full of joy, playing on my swing that i had in my back garden. The fresh air swooshing between my hair and my smile not being able to get any bigger or else i would giggle aloud with excitement due to feeling like i could fly. I could have exploded i was so happy. I have an amazing family that made me the joyfull child that i was. They bought me all the toys you can imagine, told me stories and always should me love and effection as well as teaching me to show people it back. Ok, so i'll admit that i was spoiled but that doesn't mean my family didn't let me away with everything. Not at all. They taught me right from wrong and always made sure i was kind to those around me. I was a polite kid and i know this because i would always say my please and thankyou's, say "please may i leave the table" after my dinner and answer the telephone by saying "hello who is speaking please".   This all graduadly stopped as i got older when i thought it was pointless as i was saying it to my mum and dad, not a stranger. The memories i have will live with me forever but unfortunately some of the memories were unpleasant. I can clearly remember the unpleasant ones just as easily as i remember the pleasant. Most of these unpleasant memories took place in the street that i have lived in the whole of my life....


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