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The Abolitionist

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Forced out of their homes and away from your family to be shipped across the ocean on an extremely crowded ship, lying person to person with no room to breathe or move. Dreading auction day, and when it comes you watch your family be sold into slavery, if you were lucky enough to be with them that long.   Locked up and forced to work, waiting for a chance to escape this horrible fate.   This is what happened to many African Americans that were in the United States during this time.   After these terrible acts were forced upon these soon to be slaves, they began to organize together in an attempt to once again become free again.   They did as little or as much as they could to try and accomplish that which they had set their selves to.   There were many steps in the escape of slavery there was realizing the problem, making small resistances and escaping to the free lands.

African Americans and abolitionists soon began to realize that slavery is not “right,” they should be equal to the “white man.”   “In the spirit of condor and humility we intend by a simple representation of facts to lay our case before the public, with a view to arrest the progress of prejudice…” (Doc. 1)   In this quote the author is trying to say that slaves and abolitionists are going to revolt against the prejudice and involuntary servitude.   Since slaves were not respected, or even acknowledged as human beings, there was no legal representation, as a result, they have no other way but to revolt in hopes that the inhumanity will be seen in the public eye.   “I had not long been a reader of the ‘Liberator,’ before I got a pretty correct idea of the principles, measures, and spirit of anti-slavery reform.” (Frederick Douglass; Doc. 2)   There were things out there for those that were against slavery and wanted it to be abolished.   Here Frederick Douglass is trying to say that one of those documents is what helped him to bring anti-slavery reform to his attention.

            As the issue of slavery...


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