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Michael Hinds
Paul Bissa
September 30, 2010
GSW 1120
Disadvantages of Technology
Imagine a world without the internet. Picture a mid 30s male getting up in the morning and not knowing the weather, or what has happened in the stock market, or any of the daily news. Some people rely on the internet for their day-to-day news. It isn’t just an easier way to read about the current events, it’s a quick way in their busy lives. Now imagine a 16 year old high school student not having internet. They wouldn’t be able to get distracted by Facebook, or online video games, or any other sites that can keep them from their school work. The internet is great, yet at the same time it is bad. You can go back and forth about this for hours with someone, but the bottom line is that we are getting too addicted to technology. In today’s society you can find a mate online, purchase shoes online, search for houses online, and pretty much do anything your little heart desires. It’s almost as if it’s impossible to avoid technology. In this essay I hope to convince you that we as a society are addicted to technology, and we are only getting worse.
Before I start to discuss my arguments as to why technology has become integrated into our minds like breathing I wanted to give you a few reasons that show how and why we got to this point and maybe how we can fix it. One of the biggest reasons why our society is so hooked on technology is because it is much easier to go online and look up the weather or flip on the television to the weather channel than to go down to your local convenient store and pick up the daily paper. It can also be used as an escape from the real world or work. I am not trying to say that technology is bad, just simply that we are over-using it and have become much too dependent to it. I also want to discuss why it is so appealing to so many people. Technology simplifies everything. It can allow for you to carry fewer books, or less CD’s, or stay at home and easily...


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