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Change of State of Matter

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REVIEW: Matter - anything that has mass and takes up space

States of Matter: solid, liquid, gas, plasma

Solid - has definite shape, definite volume (ex. Rock)
Liquid - has indefinite shape, definite volume (ex. water)
Gas - has indefinite shape, indefinite volume (ex. air)



* When something such as water turns from being water to being ice, it is called a change of state.
* There are different changes that can take place.
* Water, for example, can change from water to ice, which is called freezing. Freezing is what happens when a liquid changes to a solid.
* Water can change from ice to water, which is called melting. Melting is what happens when a solid changes to a liquid.
* Water can also change from a water to steam, which is called evaporation. Evaporation is what happens when a liquid changes to a gas.
* Water can change from steam back to water, which is called condensation. Condensation occurs when gas changes into a liquid.
* There are some substances which can go from being a solid, directly to the gas state, which is called sublimation. Solid carbon dioxide, commonly known as Dry Ice, bypasses the liquid state altogether when it changes to a gas.
* The last change of state is matter going from a gas, directly to the solid state, which is called deposition. Water vapors in the air during winter fall in the form of snow, a solid.


* Energy. Energy is either lost or gained during a change of state.
* When energy is applied to a solid, the tightly packed particles of matter begin to move around, flowing over each other. The result is the movement of liquid. The shape becomes indefinite. The volume, however, does not change, because the particles are still part of one another.
* When energy is applied to a liquid, the particles that make up a liquid, begin to move about so rapidly, that they can no longer hold themselves together. The result is the movement of a gas. The shape...


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