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A Seminar

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about 3 years ago, i got involved in a psychological experiment conducted by my scholl,during which I met a professor from harvard university who came here to give a guidance to our experiment.On the last day of his staying in china, we had a wonderful dinner which was really special to me because during the dinner he told me lots of useful psychological interview   techniques.

Happily, we had traditional chinese cuisine in the xuanwu hotel.At first,He asked me what problems i confronted most when i was doing an interview.As i mentioned before, it was a psychological experiment and my main job was to interview students from a highschool by asking them questions about every aspect of their life such as :what do u usually do during weekends?how many hours do u study per day?and sth like that. honestly, i told him what the most difficult was to communicate with students who didn't cooperate with me.sometimes they just said:i don't know.what impressed me a lot was that he comforted me by saying it was a common obstacle most interviewer would confronted with and he taught me some techniques.Specifically, i could chat with the interviewer before asking him personal questions.in that way,the interviewer could feel relaxed and also be willing to talk with me.I did as what he said and i had to say,they really worked.

yes,this meal was really special to me.If he hadn't told me those techniques of pshchological experiment,i would never understand the essence of psychological interview.


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