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Uniqueness of India

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"We owe a lot to the Indians, who taught us how to count, without which no worthwhile scientific discovery could have been  

made."- Albert Einstein.
In no other country you will find people who have experienced the soul of Nature.
In no other country you will find people who consider body as temple.
In no other country you will find people who consider parents as their first gods.
In no other country you will find people giving respect befits a mother n a sis to a lady. (Ya I know the atros that happen

to women folks now- a daz)
Shah Rukh Khan movies, colourful festivals, awesome sherwanis, minblowing lehngas, fingerlicking cuisines , the list seems

Dear All...for me India is not a state....its a never ending passion...she is my mother and my lover at the same time....she

herself an inner dance...we cannot see this much color variations in any where in the world.....some times she will make you

cry...same time she will wipe out your tears.....she is the only country in the world capable to teach you the essence of

life.....to reveal the real human behind you......
There is a little bit of India in all of us. We are aware of so many good and a few bad things that happen in India. Most of

the people, like us, rant about so many things that the government does not do or support – and we know by executing those

things correctly, we would be able to achieve so much more. We would like to believe that constructive suggestions and

thoughts lead to action, in this case, corrective action, to things that we would like to see, to feel, to experience. Let’s

all collectively share about the things that bother you, what can YOU do individually and what SUPPORT you would require from

others to make that happen. Remember, the actions has to benefit not only to you, but the society in general, thereby leading

to a small awakening, if we can say so. And this awakening will then lead to many more and give us enough...


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