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Groups Are Better Than Individuals

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If we look around our surroundings, we come to know that there are some rules or, you can say, some principles which are followed by a human brain. I've observed many changes in a human brain. Every person, even I, follows these principles, whether we like them or not. You can say it as god-gifted, that sometimes if you want to do something, whether it is good or bad, and a person tries to stop you from it, and it is always observed that his every talk goes in one ear and out the other. For example, If you want to go to a park to play with your friends and your mom says you, “no", and the whole family says "yes", then you'll certainly go out to play. But if the whole family is saying "no" and mom is saying "yes", then you have nothing to do except to sit in your house and have day dreams of playing with your friends in the park. This is because the group influences more than an individual. I'll explain it with an example.


You might have observed that if only one tree is standing in a park, the park looks not so attractive and no one likes to visit it. But if there are about hundreds of trees, then everyone puts his heart on going to that park. A park full of greenery and trees give refreshment and relaxation to people. Similarly, if God created a tree consisting of only one leaf, no tree would look so attractive. But he created a tree with a hundred or thousands of leaves to make it beautiful and eye-catching.

This phenomenon is applicable to every human brain. You take anything from nature and try to apply this rule on it; the rule will fit in it perfectly. Our universe is full of thoughts and imaginations, but it is the need of the hour that we observe them, otherwise, this universe cannot be proved an ideal one.


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