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Traffic and Housing Problems in Major Cities Could Be Solved by Moving Large Companies and Factories with Their Employees to the Countryside. to What Extend Do You Agree or Disagreeļ¼Ÿ

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With the development of urbanization, an increasing number of people move to cities, especially large cities for better living condition and more job hunting opportunity. However, this trend has brought problems like traffic congestion and house shortage in recent days. Some people hold that moving huge companies and factories with their employees to the rural area will alleviate the issues in question. As to my, I agree with this statement.

It is a disputable fact that population in central cities can be reduced by moving large companies and factories with their staff to countryside. According to recent a survey, the number of staff hired by large company usually up to thousand in same city. If those companies and employees moved to rural area, the population remains in the urban area will be reduced. Therefore, there is less cars on the road way to office or home which give rise to traffic congestion decline. Similarly, less people lived in city leads to house lacking decrease.

Another merit of this movement trend is the development in countryside. Specifically speaking, as large companies and factories with their employees settle in countryside, economics in countryside will be simulated and enhanced which attract more company and individuals move from central city to work there and live there. Meanwhile, more funds can be allocated to build roads and house in countryside, making the move trend more convenient and possible.  

By a way of conclusion, I would like to once again reaffirm my position that moving large companies and factories with their employees to the countryside has positive impact on solving traffic and housing problems in major cities.


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