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Crime and Law

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Running Head: CRIME AND LAW

Crime and Law in the United States Today
Jennifer M. Cherry
Grand Canyon University

Crime and Law in the United States Today
There is no doubt that crime in the United States today is a big issue. Many things depend upon the amount and level of crimes committed in our modern society. People base decisions such as where they reside, employ themselves, and school their children with the crime level in mind. How crimes are handled also plays a role in our society. Is there any police bias present? What kinds of arrests re being made as opposed to other crimes being overlooked?
      Police Officer
      When we hear the word police officer, most of us tend to think of the motto “serve and protect”. How does an officer serve and protect? What does his or her job involve? What are some risks? What are some benefits? How will they prepare for their jobs day to day?
What does it take?
In order for a person to become a police officer, he or she has to first possess the desire to help people for the greater good of society. Motivation, integrity, spirit, and courage are all qualities that one should hold dear to their persona. One major requirement for becoming a police officer is criminal background. A person with a criminal background does not have a good chance of becoming an officer. There are many risks involved with this line of work. It takes a very special person to put him or herself in this position.
Preparing for Duty
So how does and officer prepare themselves for daily duty and risks being taken? There is much to consider on a daily basis in the life of a police officer. Police officers have to deal with many people everyday, from many different lifestyles. They have to be open and understanding to others ideas and beliefs and not confuse them with their own. One of the most important things for an officer to do in order to maintain their readiness is not to take their work home with them. They...


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