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Australian Experiences at Gallipoli

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When compared with the western front, Australian experiences at Gallipoli were insignificant. Discuss.
When compared with the western front, Australian experiences at Gallipoli were extremely significant, and Gallipoli can even be seen as the birthplace of modern Australia. One positive aspect of the Gallipoli campaign was the creation of the unique ‘Australian-ness’ that we still associate with ourselves today. Another significant experience at Gallipoli was the horrific conditions of the trenches and the battlefields where the Anzac’s fought and died. Gallipoli was also the first time Australians had fought for Australia and not just for one of the separate colonies, and as such, was seen as a test for Australia. All of these experiences are of the utmost importance to Australia and were critical in shaping our new nation’s future.
One of the very few positives to emerge from the Gallipoli campaign was the establishment of present day Australian beliefs, characteristics and moral values. Mateship was a critical part of the campaign at Gallipoli, as without it morale would have crumbled and soldiers wouldn’t have been able to trust each other with their lives as implicitly. Hordes of young people enlisted to go to war and many cited their sole reason for enlisting was that “all my mates had, and it would be improper if I did not” in the words of Corporal Rupert Jenkie. Bravery and sacrifice was another cornerstone of Gallipoli as without these traits the Anzac spirit wouldn’t represent the same ideals it does today. The Australians always followed orders (often against better judgement) and were willing to lay their lives on the line to achieve the objectives set out by their superior officers. This is shown is a multitude of battles the Australians fought in, but perhaps the most famous example was at the battle of the Nek, where the entire Australian 8th and 10th light horse divisions was sacrificed in a diversionary attack. Charles Bean, a famous war...


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