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Do Video Games Have a Negitve Effect

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Do Video Games have a Positive or Negative Effect?
    I am a bit biased on this topic because I am an avid video game player. I’ve played every type of game since I started playing when I was eight. Everything from first-person shooters, like the Halo series, to less violent Mario games, and even the extremely violent Grand Theft Auto series. Since their creation people have said that video games are a waste of time, and they come with little or no benefit, but I myself have played video games and experienced the benefits from playing them. For example, the game “Guitar Hero” is very much unrelated to actual guitar and I didn’t learn how to play guitar solely from playing the game, but the game helped me pick up useful skills necessary to playing real guitar. I was in guitar class and my teacher told me to stretch my fingers in a certain way making a chord, he told me that for a while it would be awkward, but in time my fingers would adjust and become more dexterous. But the chord was absolutely no trouble for me, I put my hands in the aforementioned position, and I felt no strain at all. My teacher said that my hands were as dexterous as his, and he had been playing guitar for decades. I owe this all to video games; the fast button pushing and use of various fingers gave me freer movement of my fingers. Knowing this I wondered what other kinds of benefit video games had to offer, and through my research I’ve found that video games can be tools used in education, for exercise, and for treating the ill. Video games are not without flaws, but the positives of them vastly outweigh the negatives.
        Video games cannot only improve one mentally, but also physically. Since the popularization of video games people have said it causes our kids to stay inside and gain weight, rather than going outside and getting exercise, but new developments in gaming have made it easier for one to stay inside and play video games and at the same time exercise. Games like DDR and...


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