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Romeo and Juliet's Death

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In William Shakespeare’s daunting and most renowned tragedy “Romeo and Juliet”, both Romeo and Juliet are the children of two quarrelling families.   They are suppose to be great enemies but have found great love in each other.   By the end of the play both Romeo and Juliet are dead, and their families united by grief.   But the question is, who was truly responsible for their deaths, and that person is Friar Laurence.   He was the one who married them and the one to encourage their love.

The death of Romeo and Juliet is not either Friar Johns Fault nor the nurses, though at sometimes it might seem that way.   Their death is not the Nurse's fault because nobody would believe her even if she told Lord and Lady Capulet what was going on, like when Lady Capulet tells her, “Enough of this.   I pray thee hold thy peace.” (1006)   This way in the scene where Lady Capulet talks to Juliet about marriage.   The Nurse starts to babble and Lady Capulet tells her to be quiet.   It’s not Friar John’s fault either because, “…could not send it […] nor get the messenger to bring it thee, so fearful were they of infection/” (1090)   This is when he goes to tell Friar Laurence that he was unable to get the message to Romeo do to the quarantine.   Plus if Friar Laurence wanted it done he should have taken car of it himself.   This is why it was not either Friar John or the Nurses fault.

Friar Laurence is definitely to blame for the deaths of both Romeo and Juliet.   When Romeo asked Friar Laurence to marry him and Juliet, he willfully answers that, “For by your leaves, you shall not stay alone till holy church incorporate two in one.” (1042)   He did not have to marry them but he silently did.   Which by chain of event causes Romeo and Juliet’s demise.   Friar Laurence also willfully declares, “For this alliance may so happy prove to turn our rancor to pure love.” (1031)   Friar Laurence wanted to bring the families together and end their feud.   What he didn’t realize was the at would...


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