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I was so excited about the activity. I have to wake up at 4 in the morning and it was not new to me since I can really wake up early though I sleep super late. Anyway, so by the time my alarm rang, I had to fix myself in the middle of the dawn..
The pay-it-forward activity we had is very fun and memorable. We gave cup of noodles and pandesals to the people who timely passed by the street (near the new bridge), including the motorela drivers and morning joggers.

  Before the activity, I was really excited and was looking forward for the result. There was even this guy who rejected our offer but I understood him. Maybe he was just on a diet? LOL. After the activity, I was very glad.. J

It was a meaningful experience for me because I never got the chance to do stuff like that. It was very heart-warming seeing those people smile and thank at you. It was just a small deed but it gave a BIG change to start their morning with smile on their faces.


Giving without asking anything in return but simply to pass on the good deed is the goal of our pay it forward activity. We were up at 4 am just to give cup noodles and few pandesal is not a good joke, but it is indeed a great and overwhelming activity, after their warm thank you's and smile would really pay of the 4 am wake up call.
Aside from the fact that it is indeed a final requirement, but the blast of energy we give and the pure intention we exert is enough to call it an altruism activity. We did the activity not for requirements sake but because we love the idea of giving, to give without asking anything in return pays of and fills us with unimagined joy and gratitude. Individuals who timely passed are up by 4 am on their way to work,   a realization then came to count how blessed we are and be grateful for what we already have.


If only every individuals are bounded with the same goal to give and to love without asking anything in return,   then this world would be a better...


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