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Nursing Negligence

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It can be seen these days that the carelessness and negligence shown by the nurses and doctors are increasing these days. Going according to statistical data there are 1.5 falls per year and further 1800 people die per year,We can see that the 75 % of elder people fall are in the nursing. Which shows that   3 out 4 people fall once a year. Now this gives us a nice idea how big the problem can be.
If you have a loved one in a nursing home or you are planning to get him to one, make sure you check the following:
  The nursing home's reputation - Ask around. Look for recommendations from doctors or nurses. They are the ones who can tell you which ones are good and which ones you will be better off keepign your loved one at home.
  Nursing home care facilities - Look for minor things which can eventually save your loved one from anursing care abuse or negligence. Make sure there are grab bars, lowering beds and raising toilet seats. These are minor things but without it, your loved one may be one of those three out of four people.
  Visit them once in a while - Apart from psychological reasons, this will give you the assurance they are in good hands as you can see for yourself their living condition.
  Get a nursing home as close to your home as possible - If this is near you, you'll probably have more time with your loved one and be able to check on them conveniently.

Nurses who work long hours are always tired. A 2004 report showed that nurses who work more than 12.5 hours is three times more likely to commit an error. The health sector is committed to nurses or nursing assistants not to fill the shortage of qualified nurses. Here is an increased risk of occurrence of an errorqualified personnel. It 'also misunderstandings and lack of care can result in death or serious injury. Types of Nursing negligence
There are different types of care because:
Medication errors - the wrong dose of medicine has been given or has been in medicine for the sick...


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