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Louis Joliet

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Louis Joliet

Renaissance is a period of time in which people began to make art, explore new lands, and make other advancements in the world. You probably all heard of Christopher Columbus and Michelangelo, but there is no doubt in my mind that you do not know who I am, Louis Joliet. Let me introduce myself by elucidating when, where and how I lived throughout my childhood, why I am famous, and what inspired me to be who I am today. Did you ever do something influential? You never know this essay might just motivate you to do something even more confounding than me!
First off, I would like to clarify when, where, and how I lived, throughout my early years. On September 21, 1645 I was born in Quebec, Canada. My father passed away when I was only six years old and ever since then I followed my brother’s footsteps as a trader. Some of the things I traded were knives, fur, and weaponry. After this, I began to study to be in the priesthood, but it was not long before I dropped out of school. Was your childhood anything similar to mine?
Next, it would be my pleasure to finally explain what makes me eminent. In 1673 my seven companions and I set off for an expedition of a lifetime. We traveled in birch bark canoes to the northern shore of Lake Michigan. Then we explored the Fox River and discovered the Mississippi River. Along the way we met and became superior friends with Indian Tribes. Later, our expedition realized that the Mississippi did not lead into the Pacific Ocean, in fact it flowed into the Gulf of Mexico. Now you understand that I am famous because I was the first European to navigate down the Mississippi River.
Lastly, I am sure if you are a scientist the thing that stimulated you to be one was that you won a science fair. At this moment, you are probably predicting that the thing that inspired me to become an explorer was another voyager, if you are, then you are mistaken. The thing that encouraged me was myself, I do not know how, but it is not a...


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