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Drivers Licences to Be Issued to Illegal Immigrants

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Should illegal aliens be permitted to get an American driver's license?
Most American states refuse to provide driver's licenses to illegal aliens. As a result, an estimated 8 to 20 million drivers in the US have no license and no insurance. Additionally, local police have few methods of tracking down illegal immigrants when they are suspects for crimes. The result is that this policy causes America to be more dangerous and it also causes auto insurance rates to be higher than necessary.
Eventually, there will be some type of accommodation with the problem of illegal immigrants. They might beef up security in the border lines, but in the meantime, why should we penalize all Americans, while we wait for our politicians to figure out the solution? Being illegally in the US does not mean that foreigners are not here or that they do not drive here. The problem of illegal immigration is an old one and the history is that periodically, America has given amnesties to the illegals and enabled them to become citizens. Whether or not that happens again can be separated from the subject of whether or not to issue driver's licenses to undocumented immigrants.
Of course, making illegals eligible for driver's licenses does not guarantee that they would obtain them. However, as long as they are ineligible, you can be assured that they will not have valid driver's licenses. If the objective is to try to ensure that every active driver has a valid driver's license for road safety purposes, then everything possible should be done to enable all drivers to be able to have a license.
When there are millions of drivers who have not taken a driver's license test, there are millions of drivers on the road who probably do not know the traffic safety laws.
That likely translates into thousands and thousands of additional accidents, many of the hit and run variety, since if they stop, the police will ask for I.D. and the foreigner could be at risk of deportation.
New York Governor...


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