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Intercession and Prayer

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The two divine intercessors are both parts of God. There are no middlemen, or mediators between Them and us.   Jesus has been referenced as a Mediator, because He is the Mediator between God and us.   Because of Him dying on the Cross, we can have an instant connection through Him even with sin in our lives.   God uses the Holy Spirit also as a Mediator to tell us what He wants.   When you are baptized in the Holy Spirit, you then have the Holy Spirit in you, and since the Holy Spirit is God (Part of Triune) then it acts also like a Mediator from God to us.  

The intercessor that came after Jesus ascended, the Holy Spirit, encourages you to pray to God and inspires your spirit with ideas, concepts and requests.   This is closely related to the term ‘Kairos,’(Sheets, Intercessory Prayer) which is when we are inspired or instructed to pray for a certain person place or thing from the Holy Spirit.   This is not an immediate action that takes place; it requires us to be tuned to God and the Holy Spirit, and also for us to walking away form our sinful pats and towards God.   The Holy Spirit hears from God and then inspires us towards that prayer (Victorious Circle).   We then have a choice: to follow the Holy Spirit’s directions or to ignore it, which also could be seen when we so caught up in our petitions that we don’t stop to listen to the Holy Spirit.   This is what was referenced as

People always assume that ‘praying in the spirit’ is just speaking in tongues. While it is part of praying in the spirit the other aspect of it is that we must also to pray in the realm of the Holy Spirit and in the power and authority of the Holy Spirit. This is one of the many reasons why we need to build a relationship spiritually through prayer with the Holy Spirit. By building relationship, it allows us to experience God’s power and His presence when we are praying.

Paul wrote to the Ephesians saying that we should always be praying in the spirit, but the problem with that is...


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