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"If nothing happens that we wish for, things that happen are better for us. -Martin Luther" - Triniboynkosi

Staying Healthy and Eating Right

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I just want one more day with you
I'm so sad and depressed
Is all I want to do is rest
I go to sleep at night
But my dreams I just can't fight

I think of you lying in that bed
And wonder if there is anything I could have said
I wish you were still here
But I know that you are still near

I love you more than you know
I just wish you didn't have to go
I just want one more day with you
And I know thats what you would have wanted too

I miss you more and more each day
There is so much more we had to say
I know I will see you again
But my life is just started to begin.

Lonely Again
Sitting in class lonely again,
Thinking bout the way it has been, thought it was love,
Though it was true ,
Then a name came out the blue,
I asked and asked what was his name, then a look a look of shame,
I asked do you feel the same,
She replies no as tears fell from her eyes, how, how [...]

Wish You Are Here - other Poems
I thought I won’t feel so blue
When to another place you flew
But before the week is through
I’m already at a loss of what to do
The longing, I just never knew
Can be so overwhelming, it’s true
Guess I’m really missing you
And wishing you’re here too.

On My Own
Im sittin in the dark
I still can’t believe you broke my heart
Because of you im fallin apart
When did the hurt start?
My life is so broken
Ever since we broke up we haven’t spoken
I hope when you eat you choke
Because the heart I gave you, you broke

Forget About Us
Forget about us
forget about what used to be
I’m tired of you always
always hurting me
so forget about us
forget about the mermories
forget about the kissing in the rain
and climbing trees.
Times have passed
and I assued you would change
but I guess I was wrong
because I still cant bare the pain


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