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Use of Mobiles

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Mobile phones should be allowed to be brought to school
We live in a media obsessive society. In MTR stations, in newspapers, on TV, we have been subliminally told that mobile phones are indispensable. Thus it is not surprising that mobile phones are all the rage nowadays, especially among our generation, whether we need one or not. Sure, they do come in useful once in a while to actually call someone, but the little cell phone is no longer a mere communication tool--it has become a fashionable accessory, and the constant updating of which is a symbol of wealth and status.
Common as they are, mobile phones do not come cheap. The down payment, which exceeds a thousand dollars, plus all the additional functions, like call diversion, add up to quite a pretty sum on the monthly bill. Mobile phones are not affordable by students from weaker economic backgrounds.
Schools are certainly not hierarchies where wealth makes a difference. They are places where students are nurtured both intellectually and socially in an "equal opportunities" environment. It is the schools' responsibility to teach students that they should not indulge in superficial materialism.
By giving the green light for mobile phones, schools are indirectly encouraging economic competitiveness between students. After all, who can resist accidentally showing off her newest phone model straight from Japan, or the trendy phone cover used by Leon's glamorous girlfriend in his latest commercial? Fashions move in and out in whirlwind style, and the situation will be like a dog chasing its tail--the not-so-rich will never catch up with the rich. Less well-off students might feel deprived, and jealousy of others' possessions in the classroom naturally leads to resentment in families. Is this really the mentality schools want to foster? Is this what we want for the sake of convenience?
Moreover, there are numerous health risks to using mobile phones. According to a report by Dr. Lennart Hardell, brain tumours...


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