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Computers in Sports Franchises - Draft and Free Agent

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Computers in Sports Franchises - Draft and Free Agent

Everyday, important decisions are made by managers who do not have sufficient information.   The information may be available, but many times, the manager will not have enough time to sort through all of the files.   Therefore, the manager bases their decision on judgment or memory.   On the other hand, many business people from all around the globe have become accustomed to this fast paced lifestyle and have dealt with it by means of new technology.   Today, many streamlined businesses utilize this technology and create computer programs to help coach managers to make the right decisions.   By being able to access information very quickly, managers are able to make the best decisions for their companies.   Computers have become essential for many businesses to compete with their competitors.   Having a new and improved way of managing can create a competitive advantage and help maximize the value of the company.   Just as businesses compete for a competitive advantage, so do team franchises in the National Football League.   Each team has a computer program that assists the coaches and managers to make the right decision in a short period of time, on and off of the field.   The information contained within these programs is very cyclical.   Meaning that everyday, more and more information is added to the database but is used through out the year to maximize the value of the team.   There comes a very important time of the year when all of the information is compiled to aid the managers and coaches to select new players from the draft and to pick up free agents.  
Each NFL football team has scouts who record data on college football players.   The scouts look for five critical factors in a player.   Ranked in order, the factors are character, ability to learn football, competitiveness and toughness, work habits, and athletic ability.   This data is then entered into statistical software and the scouts begin building a...


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