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Socrates the Greatest Influence on the Westerm World

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Socrates is the Greek philosopher that had the most influence the Western world. Socrates is the son of a well-off Athenian—probably a sculptor or stonemason—named Sophroniscus and a midwife named Phaenarete. Socrates was born in 470 B.C. in Athens, Greece and his family enjoyed a high social life.[1] Socrates became the biggest influence on the Western world because of the Socratic Method, the Socratic seminar, and his teachings influenced Plato. These creations of Socrates helped the Western world and largely the entire world to evolve.
The Socratic Method is the technique in which a teacher does not give information right to the pupil but instead makes the student asks a series of questions. The result is the student gets the knowledge by answering the questions or realizing the limits of ones mind. The Socratic Method is split into five steps. First, make a question. Second, suggest a plausible answer to the question. Third, perform a thought experiment by imagining a case which acts accordingly to the definition but clearly fails to illustrate the word being defined, or vice versa. Such cases, if successful, are called counterexamples. If a counterexample happens, return to step 2, otherwise go to step 4. Fourth, accept the plausible answer as true. Return to step 3, if you can form any other case which may show the answer to be defective. Finally, explain why the answer is correct. The scientific method is a method of research and there are five steps also. First, a problem is identified in the form of a question. Second, a hypothesis is made (an answer that’s going to be tested). Third, perform the test. Fourth, accept or reject your hypothesis based in the test. Finally, write a conclusion. The scientific method has many similarities with the Socratic Method so, either the scientific method is a very similar copy or it’s an exact copy of Socratic Method.[2] This invention of Socrates really influenced the western world because without it, many of the...


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