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Importance of Education in Everyone's Life

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The Government’s efforts to ensure education for all is a noble idea and it had been a herculean task to make the idea of “Education for all” acceptable among the public amidst lot of debates and oppositions. Education is essential for all and especially for the marginalized as it is the only means of getting access to the mainstream privileges and opportunities. The faith in the effectiveness of the Government educational institutions has dwindled but it is the Government-run educational institutions that can help the poor to make use of resources available in the mainstream society.

The teacher absenteeism, their lackadaisical attitude towards the marginalised, their methods of imparting education have never encouraged the poor of a better future but the faith in education being a means to better tomorrow is intact. Thus the mushrooming of private schools have somewhat attracted the poor but the cost is too high and most of them had to either drop out or go back to the government institutions. Most children enjoy schools until the resource at home gets scarcer, teacher gets rude and the subject becomes difficult for comprehension and the spread of fear in certain subjects like English and Mathematics grip them.

Various schools have adopted various modes of teaching and mostly the common methods adopted are factual and logical presentation of content useful for large groups, and experiences that inspire and stimulate discussion. But the level of expertise in delivering courses varies among teachers and most of the time these common methods involve communication from one side only and do not entail participation from the students. Besides learning is difficult to measure and to inspire learning requires keeping student constantly motivated and focused which again has challenges given the learner’s family background and support system.

Delivering the content in an effective manner requires time and preparation. The teacher is not always abreast of the...


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