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A Plastic Nation

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I so much love this day, a day joy fills the country like never before!

I see so many people celebrating, placing lot of hopes on this plastic Nation at fifty irrespective of its past.

I hear lots of promises and see lot of dreams and aspirations from plastic politicians in a plastic Nation and for a plastic Nation.

I have asked lots of question on this day.

How long did we remain under colonial rule as a group?

A plastic Nation   at fifty is it really worth celebrating?

Will this fiftieth year mark a beginning of a new history of a plastic Nation?

I remember just yesterday Nigerians were saying “A fool at forty will remain a fool forever" while she celebrates her forty   year of independence.

Why the sudden change of stance? Could it be "HOPE"? Or "Hope against Hope?

A nation under slavery from the hands of colonial rule for about a hundred and sixty years was worth celebrating on the morning of Oct 1st 1960 when it became "FREE" as a plastic Nation. I discovered that fifty years of FREEDOM meant fifty years of slavery from the hands of ''our Leaders''.

The History of a plastic Nation for Sale!!!

12:00am Oct 1st 2010 marked the beginning of a new history of a Nation some may say! I'm asking what kind of history book of a nation you would like to read.

Every Civilization that has ever existed ultimately collapsed. History is a tale of efforts that failed, or aspiration that weren't realized.... So we have to live with a scene of the inevitable of tragedy.

"Man has dominated man and will continue to dominate man to his injury"

It does not belong to man who is walking to direct his steps, how much more the steps of over 120millon citizens.

A lot of person looks forward to a better Nigeria but I see them ending up living a plastic life.

I look forward to a New world that will be free from the threat of wars, terrorism, kidnappings, I look forward to a world that can provide ample food for every one, that...


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