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The Great Gatsby

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1)1. American dream is a kind of ideality and aspiration of achieving richness, free belief, and new political ideas since the Europeans immigrated to the North America. It's full of people's good will towards this new discovered land. According to this novel,Daisy became the final aim of Gatsby's American dream. During the whole process, the luxurious life style was the general idea of American dream. However, after closing to
the eventual dream through the abnormal way, Gatsby's passion disappeared with his life. All the luxury just like a beautiful bubble.
2. The Lost Generation were infatuated with imagination. They were ambitious, and persistent. Nevertheless, after experiencing the cruel war, the despair of American dream made them perplexed. Gatsby was a representative of the sad youth. The saddness came after the luxury was worth thinking. This generation were good at spree and sometimes they would lose themselves. Take Gatsby for example, he lost himself when he decided to get hold of Daisy because he could never stop protecting her and meeting her needs until the last moment. The beautiful moment of a dream left
nothing but sorrow.

2)The 1920s in America were a decade of great social change.  From

fashion to politics, forces clashed to produce a very ^Roaring^

decade.  Jazz sounds dominated the music industry.  It was the age of

prohibition, the age of prosperity, and the age of downfall.  It was

the age of everything, and this can be witnessed through the novel by

F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby.  The Roaring Twenties help

create Gatsby's character.  Gatsby's participation in the bootlegging

business, the extravagant parties he throws, and the wealthy, careless

lifestyle the Buchanans represent are all vivid pictures of that time

frame.  It turns out, although he was used and abused by all the people

whom he thought of as friends, Jay Gatsby ^turned out alright in the

end.^  (Fitzgerald 6)  It almost seems as...


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