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Rain & Acid Rain

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Nancy Vinia A. Galang

Rain and Acid Rain: An Overview

Rain is essential to our world. If there is no rain, we may experience drought and many will be affected. However, there is another type of rain that is called acid rain. This type of rain can bring negative effects in our world. Here, we are going to know what makes these two very different from each other.

Rain are water drops falling through the atmosphere. It is the liquid form of precipitation. Rain may result from the melting of falling snow, but it is commonly formed by direct condensation. On the other hand, acid rain is produced by the combination of oxides of sulfur and nitrogen with atmospheric moisture.

Ordinary rainfall doesn’t bring any harm to living things, but acid rain does. It contains harmful chemicals like sulfuric acid which can cause eye and skin irritation to humans. Other than that, acid rain can also kill aquatic lives when poured into bodies of water.

When the issue concerns our environment, there are a lot of serious cases pertaining to acid rain. Acid rain occurrence is blamed on the burning of fossil fuels because this may pollute water, kill vegetation, and can also erode buildings.

As we have known, rain and acid rain are very different. Rain is a gift from nature, while acid rain is a result of human activities. Some of the living things, as well as the environment, are suffering from the destructive effects it brings. Therefore, we should take a step on how to protect ourselves and our surroundings from this occurrence. We must keep in mind that life is what we made it.


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