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Give Freely

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Give Freely
I believe that the more you lose yourself in something bigger the better your life will be.   By participating in something that involves others and is for the benefit of others you take your focus off of yourself and refocus on others for what appears, at first, to be for their benefit.
When you lose yourself in something bigger you combine your efforts with the efforts of others.   One example would be the program known as Habitat for Humanity.   A program that allows several people to pull together to work for no profit to build a house for someone who is homeless and less fortunate that yourself.   I can use a small talent to create a big reward for someone other than myself.
The way I was raised my parents taught me to work when I can to help others and to ask for little in return.   It is very energizing to work for a greater cause, something larger than yourself.
As an individual I alone can only contribute the work of one person.   However, when I combine my efforts with the efforts of others together the combined effort is such that greater things can be accomplished.   Alone I can build a serving tray or a night stand.   Working with others I can build a home or the basis for a community.
A little while back I had the opportunity to help my friend lay sod. When the man paid my friend a good amount I did not take any money because I worked to help my friend, not for the money.
In the community where we live we often have the chance to involve ourselves in something bigger.   It is very common for neighbors to get together and take care of older neighbor’s yards and to help out whenever they can.   Simple things like collecting your neighbor’s mail or bringing in their garbage cans are just beginning of involving yourself in something bigger.   First we involve ourselves in small things and then we can involve ourselves in bigger things.
These are just a small example of doing something bigger than yourself.   In my opinion I think everyone...


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