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The Stocks of Nike

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The stock I chose to buy was the Nike stock. I intended to buy this stock because I am a fan of Nike, and that most people wouldn’t have chosen this type of stock because it does not look profitable when compared to Google. Most of my shoes are Nike brand. I know that Nike has been producing shoes that have become very fashionable over the past couple of months. I thought that their stocks would have been high and would have remained steady over the month. It did not meet my expectations because it varied by over $4 at times. I expected a decrease or increase of only a dollar or two. Most of the days that I looked at it, the prices were down and I wasn’t making any money. They have had their shares of up and downs. The lowest number that was recorded was $62.2 and highest recorded was $66.1 a share (investipedia). This stock should have been very successful because most athletes us this brand. A recent article has said that advertising was dead in the Nike world because they are not creative in ads. This is a factor into why the company hasn’t been able to produce profitable numbers as they wish.   I thought the price would have gone to about $66 or $67 and stayed at those prices, even increasing to $68 a share. It’s very popular and they have done pretty well in the past. I realize that since we are in an economic crisis, many of its buyers, except for the rich people; have cut back on their buying of this Nike brand. A group from the Morningstar analyst company stated that “Nike's profitability remained resilient to the global slowdown in consumer spending and unfavorable foreign currency translation in the first quarter giving us greater confidence that the firm can extend its market dominance over the next several quarters. (Morningstar)” Further in the report, they gave the lows and highs of the year and recent days. Even though they have decreased in future buys, they still believe that something can come out of Nike. Brady Lemos who is an analyst spoke about...


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