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Police Corruption

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Police Corruption and the Blue Code of Silence
Desiree L. Delgado
Saint Leo University

September 30, 2010
Professor CeCe Martin
Police Corruption and the Blue Code of Silence

Throughout history repeated occurrences have proven that policing is a occupation and lifestyle that continuously offers ample opportunity for officers to engage in activities and behaviors that are unbecoming of a public figure, or even illegal. Due to the nature of the job, officers function on an extremely discretionary level, often engaging in coercive activities taking place in completely private settings without the guidance or supervision of superior officers. The public doesn’t expect such behavior from individuals who swore to protect and serve the community, but unfortunately it is not a new occurrence. Police agencies all across the U.S. have their own sorded histories, as difficult as they may be to uncover.
Corruption, or the continuous abuse of police authority for personal gain is one form of such misconduct which has been proven to be particularly problematic in the world of law enforcement, and is only made worst by the “blue code of silence”. The code of silence is yet another form of misconduct where in officers are expected to turn a blind eye to their fellow officers blatant misbehavior and disregard to the police codes of conduct. Police and other frontline law enforcement officials interact in some form with citizens of the community in which the work each and every day. The police are responsible in today’s society for maintaining order, and keeping a civil society.   With this very public role comes a great deal of authority and power over the general public. This power, bestowed upon an officer with unsound character, and moral convictions is the root of corruption in the law enforcement system.
Police corruption is viewed in general as a victimless crime because rather than an individual, a community or neighborhood is the victim of the officers...


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