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Why the Mosque Should Be Built.

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Christian Mendiola
Ms. Nagle
English II CPA Period 3
22 September 2010
Why the Islamic Center Should Be Built
On September 11, 2001, the World Trade Center was destroyed. Many lives were lost, many were injured, and many were emotionally scarred. A terrorist group named Al Qaeda took responsibility for intentionally crashing jets into the World Trade Center because of hatred towards America. A plan to build an Islamic center near where the World Trade Center used to stand is causing national turmoil. The Islamic center definitely should be allowed to be built. This country is about religious freedoms, Islam is a very peaceful religion, and holding an entire group of people responsible for what a portion of them did is wrong.
One of this country’s core principles is the freedom of religion. The Pilgrims came to the Americas so they could freely practice their religion. King Henry VIII kept changing the national religion of Europe, and many citizens wanted to practice whatever they wanted, and decided America would be the place to do it. Anyone stopping a place of worship from being built would be going against what America is all about. The main reason that Al Qaeda or that so much of the world hates America is the religious freedom it allows. Many arguments have been made that this mosque could be a sign of victory by Islam extremists. If America shows indifference and that they are no longer affected by the terrorists, then that’s a sign of victory for the US. By restricting the Islamic center from being built, the country is one step closer to lacking religious freedoms. That would be giving the terrorists what they want. America needs to show separation from religion and government, and its infamous religious freedoms.
Too often, Islam is made to look like a violent religion, when in reality, it’s very peaceful. The media is making Muslims look bad. Many Americans believe that all Muslims are terrorists and that only Muslims are terrorists. There’s not...


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