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Baby Shower

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The day before my sister’s baby shower, I spoke to a friend who was suppose to be helping me plan and decorate for the big event. We talked about what kind of decorations I would bring to the party and what types of finger foods my sister wanted served during the shower. We sat for hours thinking of different themes and what kind of finger foods that would go with the chosen theme. We finally settled on a theme, time and food.
Later that afternoon we were scheduled to meet at my sister’s house and to my surprise, my shower helper was a no show. I had already been waiting for a few hours. I called her up and asked what was the problem and she told that she was in Tampa getting her hair, nails, eyelashes and feet done; as if the baby shower was for her anyway. As you can imagine I was very upset because I had already gave up my plans for that day to get everything started with the baby shower. As I waited around, I thought of a couple of things I could be doing while I waited for my stupid friend. I went grocery shopping, went to the mall and bought a few items I would give to my sister as gift for her new baby.
Finally, I became annoyed and irritated by the lack of communication I had with my friend so I called her one last time and left a nasty message on her voice mail. I told her if she didn’t want to help me plan for the baby shower she should not have volunteered to help. I had told her how selfish she was for even considering leaving to go and get her hair, nails along with everything else before any of the plans were completed. I was so mad I had gotten a terrible headache. I got in my car and headed home to put something on my stomach to see if I could get rid of the pounding headache my friend had caused.   Evening quickly came and I found myself back on the phone trying to effectively communicate once again.

2.)   It was an early Friday afternoon, the sun was shining and I was ready to get my day started with planning my sister baby shower. My...


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