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Siamese Twins

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Siamese twin is a popular term known for conjoined twins. They are identical twins, also known as   monozygotic twins because in a way they share the same zygote, born with bodies joined   together at some part with each other, either by the chest, abdomen or by heads, or other parts (could have many variations). A conjoined twin is a result of late twinning which is believed to occur more than twelve days after fertilization of the egg. This leads to the incomplete separation of embryos or in other words, the incomplete division of one fertilized ovum. So, wherever the embryos stop dividing, is where the twins’ bodies are united, connected by the same body part. This may be due to factors like genetic or environmental. Conjoined twins occur in an estimated one to 200,000 births and their overall survival rate is low as 5% -25% because of the complexity of the bodies. There are different kinds of Siamese twins, the most common is thoracopagus, joined at the chest and the heart is shared. Second most common omphalophagus, joined at the chest, but the heart is not shared.
As I looked at many different kinds of Siamese twins, I encountered with an unusual Siamese twin, known as “two headed girls” in one body, Abby and Brittany Hensel. Abby and Brittany Hensel are two people from waist up and one from tummy down. They are normally shown on media a lot because of their unusual appearance as conjoined twins. As these twins grow up living a normal life, society is filled with admiration and questions.   Some of the questions that might arise in peoples’ mind are like will they be able to date?, or will they be able to play sports?, or how will they go to school? When they become adults, how will they drive?, or will they marry?, or will they be able to find a job they love?, or will they become mothers?, or even what if one dies? Also, how do they co-ordinate with each other because one controls one arm and the other controls the other arm and vice versa. Also, their...


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