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Journal Entry: 1

Monster. The title of the book is interesting because of the book cover. It's a black young boy and on top it says "Monster". It makes me think about what the book may be about but if you read the description in the back it helps give me an idea of what the story is about. Based the brief summary on the back I'm assuming its a story about a young boy being on trial for murder. The title and cover are luring to and the form it is written is interesting as well.  
I think we would read a book like this because it is another way of writing. Also, because it must have many themes that collide in a complex way. For example stereotyping a black person and justice.

Journal Entry: 2

"The friends we choose and the people we hang out with are an accurate reflection of us."
I don't think the friends we choose reflect who we are, at least not with me. But i do agree that a majority of teenagers let their friends influence on who they are. In my case I disagreed with the statement.
After the discussion it did make me change my answer. The key word in that statement is "reflect", which I didn't take into consideration much at first. If it's coming from a point of view of someone looking in then yes; who we hang out with does reflect what people think of us or of who we are.

Journal Entry: 3

I don't know how I would feel if I was Steve Harmon on trial for murder. Because of the mere fact that I've never been accused for murder. I can only imagine how he might feel if he is innocent or guilty. Just the fact of facing years in prison is a scary thought, I'm sure he must feel alone, worried, terrified, and it probably seems surreal to him. I would hate to be in a place like that or even put in that position, I would probably feel desperate (if I was innocent) to demonstrate my innocence. Now, if i was guilty I would most likely feel remorse, extremely regretful, and very foolish.

Journal Entry: 4

When Jerry speaks in the novel he is telling...


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