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Soccer 7

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Soccer is one of the greatest sports on Earth. It is fun and great. Soccer is a game played by two teams on a rectangular field, with the object of driving the ball into the opponent's goal. The ball is controlled and advanced primarily by using the feet; only goalkeepers are allowed to handle the ball. All that is needed to play is an area of open space and a ball. Much of the world's soccer is played informally on patches of ground, without field marking or real goals.
In many places, the game is played barefoot using rolled-up rags or newspapers as a ball. Soccer is the world's most popular sport, played by men and women of all ages, with millions of fans throughout the world. A chief reason for soccer's vast popularity is that it has proved to be among the most accessible and adaptable of the world's sports.

History of soccer
Soccer was usually called “Futbol”. It was first thought of in 200 b.c. The first World Cup game was played in 1930. Later on, United States named Futbol, “Soccer”. Soccer became a world wide sport in the 1900’s.
Every country watches the World Cup to support the country they love or live in.   In 1994, United States hosted the world cup. But sadly, Brazil won. Brazil has had the most success in all World Cups.   United States has only got third place out of all World Cups, which was the very first World Cup and it was in 1930. And in 1930, Uruguay won the first World Cup.
Our recent World Cup, which was in 2010, it was Netherlands versus Spain. It was Netherland second World Cup finals. But it was Spain’s first. The results to that game ended up 1:0 Spain. There is a lot more history of soccer but there wouldn’t be soccer if you did to know to play.

How to Play Soccer
The basic way to play soccer is to have 11 players on the field. There is a lot of different tactics and skills to use when playing. You can only use any place on your body except your hands. You can only use your hand when your goalie. You can’t push...


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