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Ib Cas

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IB CAS Information

In service to others, in pushing our bodies in creating something
satisfying, we become more than we were.   Developing the whole person,
not just the academic mind, is IB philosophy.

All seniors in International High School are required to complete 100 hours of community service.   For International Baccalaureate (IB) candidates there is an additional requirement of 50 hours of creativity/action.   The 50 additional hours are an IB requirement.

The required 150 hours are to be completed over the course of the students’ junior and senior years.   This includes approximately 25 hours of creative activity (including music, theatre, art, design, creating unit for a tutoring lesson), approximately 25 hours of action (including sports, and other activities which are “physical”), and 100 hours of service work.   There need not be a perfect balance, just some sort of reasonable combination.   Hours must be: (1) not for pay, (2) supervised by an adult over 21 who is not a family member, (3) not part of a credit class for school, with the exception of the IHS community service classes (project).   Contact IHS project teacher with questions.

Students may begin accumulating the 50 creativity and action hours beginning the summer before their junior year.

What Counts as CAS?

The following chart will help give you an idea of what is expected and the number of hours needed.

|Type of Activity                           |Hours                                       |Examples                                   |
|Creativity                                 |Approximately 25                           |Music, theatre, art, design, creating unit |
|                                           |                                           |for tutoring session                       |
|Action                                     |Approximately 25                           |Any type of sport (school sports included),|


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