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Toy Story Morals

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I have seen, heard and read a lot of different works of art and literature but only one of them has influenced my life. It changed the way a look at certain situation and also the way I look at people and the world. This amazing piece of art would be the “Toy Story” series from Disney/Pixar. I know that it might be pretty weird for someone to get anything from a kid movie but there is more than just talking and moving toys in this movie.

The movie shows a lot of the usual situation that can happen in real life. One of them would be jealousy or envy. People tend to envy other people in a lot of things, and we often do stupid and immoral stuff which can possibly hurt them or someone else in the future. This movie shows that jealous is just something that happens to everyone but we can still overcome it just like how Woody overcame his jealousy and saved Buzz Lightyear. Another good moral that I picked up and learned from this film is that a true friend will always be there for you no matter what happens. People now a day have a problem trusting people or trust people too much. And I have met people who have been a very good friend and I trust them even with my own life. And last but not the least is accepting who you really are. I have learned that I do not have to pretend to be someone else just to fit in. Buzz Lightyear thinks that he can really fly, shoot lasers and all that stuff but in the end he learned to accept who he really is and moved on with his life. Same thing happened to me, I moved to this country five years ago and fitting in was very hard for me. I dress differently and follow what everyone wears just to fit in but I finally realized that being myself is the best way to fit in because people actually recognize you from the crowd, and there is always something special about you the will put a mark on their mind and hearts.

People might find it funny but you can learn a lot from this movie. This is not made just for kids, there are some morals...


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