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Palmistry has held an interest for humans since the Stone Age. Palmistry is a science of looking at the future and interpreting the past and present of the individual by closely analyzing the lines of their palm. The three different aspects of palmistry lines are: Chiromancy is the analysis of line in the palm, Chirognomy which is a separate evaluation of mounts, types of fingers, thumb shape, nails and texture and Dermatoglyphics which are the analysis of skin’s ridge patterns. The set of primary lines consist of: Life line, head line, heart line. The secondary set of lines and objects consist of: Mounts on our hand, the thumb, fingers, nails and the type of hand the person possess.
The life line starts between the thumb and the index finger. It then touches the wrist, curving widely around the thumb. This line indicates longevity, vitality, and the quality of life. An absent life line shows a sluggish and high-strung person, with a tremendous nervous energy. A long and regular line indicates an excellent equilibrium and a healthy constitution.
The head line runs horizontally from the middle of the palm to the heart line. It governs memory, intelligence and reasoning. If the line is short, the person is intelligent and intuitive. A straight line represents a person who lives life on a totally selfish level. If the line is absent, it indicates laziness and in extreme cases insanity. A long and straight line shows a motivated person with an excellent memory.
The heart line runs horizontally across the upper palm, surrounding the mounts of Mercury, Apollo and Saturn. The length of the line has a general impact on a person's health. It rules a person's emotions and relationships. An absent line is indicative of a person high on logic and reason, who could even be ruthless in order to reach the top. The length of the line plays an important role in determining a person's attitude to relationships. While a short line indicates a highly self-centered...


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