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Life as We Know It

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Life as we Know it

In 1859, Charles R. Darwin published his scientific theory with compelling evidence of a pattern in evolution known as natural selection, in his book The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection (Charles R. Darwin 5).   Darwin’s theory of Evolution held concepts that all life is related and descended from a common ancestor; that over time, genetic mutation aided life forms in surviving. Although, along with Darwin’s discovery of evolution, came the altercation of Creationism, the belief that humanity, life, the Earth, and the Universe were all created by a supernatural being – God (Bible, Genesis 1).   The Origins debate over Evolution and Creationism seemed to reoccur almost every year in a war that infused culture, politics, and theology. Then, in 2005, a new origin surfaced – Intelligent Design, which states that some features of living things are best explained as the work of an intelligent cause or agent, as opposed to natural selection. Since then, court cases around the United States of America have brought attention to whether or not either origin should be taught in a public school system.

“Both Sides ought to be properly taught, so people can understand what the debate is about and to expose people to different schools of thoughts.”
-George W. Bush, Former President of the United States

But according to the evidence provided, then and now, each origin is one-in-itself, although they all share similarities, and even some of their differences.
When the theory of Evolution came about, many religious followers threw accusations about how the theory was going against God’s word, even though the science behind it all never once produced evidence against God.   And then, there were the religious science leaders, such as Francis Collins, who stated, “…Scientific discoveries are also an occasion of worship…(Francis Collins 34)” He pointed out that God wasn’t limited by space or time, so who’s to say He didn’t create a...


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