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High School and College Dropouts

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Wesley Obamogie
Professor Dash
Cause and Effect Final Draft

Many students do not realize the seriousness of their decision to drop out of high school. It is only later in life they realize the poor choice they have made. High School and College Students dropping out of school is a major problem facing America today. Millions of young people are dropouts without a high school diploma. The main causes of school dropouts are home and school stability, marriage (pregnancy), and living in poverty.
Home and school stability are a major reason why young people dropout. In my opinion, if a student does not have a steady environment or school life, then they are more likely to drop out. For example, if a child was raised in an uncontrolled, wild, dysfunctional lifestyle they are most likely to fail. Stableness allows the student to feel comfortable enough to try to work at school. This allows them to concentrate on staying in school instead. The more stable a situation is, the more comfortable the student becomes with the surroundings, the better they get along with teachers and students, and the easier it is for them to fit in and work hard at school.
Marriage/Pregnancy is another reason why young adults, especially young women drop out of school. According to recent studies about 30% of young women drop out for this reason. Becoming a mother while in high school poses many challenges to a teen.  When the child is born, many teen mothers view their role as a mother more important than finishing high school or college. This also goes for a married couple because they need an income to support themselves, they drop out of school to lighten the load that married couples deal with.
Living in poverty is a vast reason why students tend to get out of school early. Families who produce a low income have a hard time keeping their children in school. For example, families cannot put their children in college because of the high tuition therefore they look for other ways...


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