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Energy-Efficient Technology Essay

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Energy-Efficient Technology Essay

"America's swelling thirst for oil is one of our leading economic and national security problems. We use a quarter of the world's petroleum, but have just three percent of known reserves. As a result, we're importing more than half the oil we use each day from some of the most unstable regions of the world- spending more than $20 billion each year on Persian Gulf oil alone" (Lashof and Hwang1).

There are effective technologies that can substantially reduce our need for foreign oil and help alleviate environmental harm. For instance, Photovoltaic energy, another term for solar energy, as well as wind power, are unlimited sources of energy that does not cause environmental harm, nor do they cost anything. Energy-efficient designed homes using renewable energy sources are demonstrated technologies that are readily available. In addition, the energy efficient designed buildings allow consumers to save money by improving the building layout, which limits the loss of useful solar gain. Photovoltaic, wind energy, and buildings designed to be energy-efficient, are concepts of the future that should be recognized as a current solution to eliminating energy waste, energy costs, as well as environmental damages.

What many people do not know is the unrealized potential of photovoltaic and wind energy. Joel Davidson states, " As fossil fuels are depleted, the scramble for the few remaining pockets of conventional fuels will continue to destabilize the world political and economic situation, leading to ever-greater conflict and confrontation. Meanwhile, a virtually limitless and globally available source of energy- solar electricity and wind - offers a solution" (9). Not only is wind and solar energy universally available, it is virtually free. Solar and wind powers are becoming increasingly popular with home and business owners, resulting in lower initial investments because of improve manufacturing techniques. Initial investment in a...


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